About Us

SNB is the world-leading manufacturer of linear motion systems and automation components, established in Singapore since 2012. Our products are used widely in the field of industrial automation, such as electronic components, semi-conductor equipment, medical equipment, and food packaging production lines. Currently, SNB products are exported to Europe, America, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, New Zealand and other regions.

We began by producing a small range of high quality linear products for the SEA market. Over the years, we’ve built a base of loyal customers, allowing us to increase our product range while maintaining quality. Since 2017, SNB has served numerous sectors including healthcare, semiconductors, manufacturing, food, transport engineering and more.

SNB offers a wide range of linear motion systems and automation components including linear bearings, lead screw, shafts and supports units.

SNB linear bearings, shaft support units, lead screws and shafts are manufactured in China under strict accordance of IOS:9000 quality management system, ensuring the SNB linear products with outstanding quality. With a highly experienced engineering and production management team, SNB continues to develop innovative linear products that offer new solutions to design engineers.

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